Die for forming sinter bonded body, manufacture of sinter bonded body, and sinter bonded body



(57)【要約】 【課題】簡易な方法で焼結時の加圧方向と交わる方向に 接合された焼結接合体を製造可能な焼結接合成形用型、 かかる成形用型を用いた焼結接合体の製造方法およびそ の方法により製造された焼結接合体を提供する。 【解決手段】焼結接合体を構成する焼結材料を収容可能 な中空部21を有する筒状の外型2と、焼結材料を押圧 する一対の押圧子3a、3bとを備え、焼結材料を放電 プラズマ焼結により焼結し、密度の異なる複数の焼結体 が接合された焼結接合体を成形する焼結接合体の成形用 型であって、押圧子の少なくとも一方は、前記押圧子の 押圧面を分割する複数の押圧部材から構成されている。 押圧子は環状押圧部材31とその中空部分310に摺動 可能に嵌合する柱状押圧部材32とから構成されている ことが好ましい。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a forming die capable of manufacturing a sinter bonded body formed by means of bonding in a direction intersecting a pressurizing direction at the time of sintering by a simple method, to provide the method for manufacturing the sinter bonded body by using the forming die, and to provide the sinter bonded body manufactured by the method. SOLUTION: This die for forming sinter bonded body has a cylindrical outer die 2 having a hollow part 21 capable of containing a sintering material constituting a sinter bonded body and a couple of pressers 3a, 3b for pressing the sintering material and is used for sintering the sintering material by electric discharge plasma sintering and forming a sinter bonded body constituted by bonding plural sintered compacts different from each other in density. Further, at least either of the pressers is constituted of plural pressing members dividing the pressing surface of the presser. It is preferable that the presser is constituted of an annular pressing member 31 and a columnar pressing member 32 capable of slidably fitting in a hollow part 310 of the member 31.




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