Three color switchable hand-held sign lamp



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To form a sign with good visibility by supplying electric power with proper voltage to three color LED lamps consisting of red, blue, and white ones from a power source storage battery by means of a step-up circuit and turning on them selectively. SOLUTION: In a machine box 2, a base board is arranged on the back of a light projecting lens 4, in which a desired number of red LED, blue LED, and while LED are arranged dispersedly. Wiring is carried out in a three color switching switch 13 arranged on the upper face of the machine box 2 so that the white LED is turned on when the switch 13 is erected vertically, the red LED is turned on when the switch 13 is put down to the right side in the front side vision, and the blue LED is turned on when the switch 13 is put down to the opposite left side. As to arrangement of the respective color LED, the red LED are arranged on the upper side and the blue LED are arranged on the lower side while the white LED arrangement is used as a basis. In this arrangement, overlapping of respective colors is prevented, while respective principal points are arranged dispersedly, and the respective LED use the base board surface efficiently as a whole.
(57)【要約】 【課題】 この発明は、列車運行業務において使用され る手持ち型で、赤色、青色および白色等の三色に変換・ 点灯のできる三色切替手持合図灯の提供。 【構成】 電源蓄電池を昇圧回路により赤色LED灯、 青色LED灯および白色LED灯等の三色のLED灯に 適性電圧の電力を供給し、それらを切替点灯することを 特徴とする三色切替手持合図灯。




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