Screen saver controller and storage medium having stored program for making compute perform processing with the same



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To make variably controllable the waiting time up to screen saver execution corresponding to the working state of a user by providing a means for measuring the time maintaining a screen saver picture and a means for controlling the execution waiting time for a screen saver based on the measured time. SOLUTION: Based on the time of switching a processing dealing picture to the screen saver picture and the time of switching the screen saver picture to the processing dealing picture, the time maintaining the screen saver picture is measured and from that time maintaining the screen saver picture, the working condition of the user of a computer system 10 is judged. Namely, it is judged whether the user of the computer system 10 requires a screen saver function or not and the execution waiting time for the screen saver is appropriately set. In this setting processing, a program installed in an auxiliary storage unit 60 is read out to a memory unit 70, for example, and executed by an arithmetic processor 80.
(57)【要約】 【課題】 スクリーンセーバ実行までの待ち時間をユー ザの作業状態に応じて可変制御することのできるスクリ ーンセーバ制御装置を提供することを課題とする。 【解決手段】 スクリーンセーバ制御装置は、スクリー ンセーバ画面が維持されている時間を計測する計時手段 と、計時手段にて計測された時間に基づいてスクリーン セーバの実行待ち時間を制御する待ち時間制御手段とで 構成される。




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