Approach estimation method of moving body



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To make an approach estimation of a moving body processible in real time by carrying out a specific operation for judging distance to other moving bodies for every monitoring cycle, and by performing detailed approach estimation calculation only when the result of the specific operation is lower than a specified value for each moving body to be monitored. SOLUTION: The approach estimation of a moving body in aviation control or the like is made by, for example, an aircraft approach estimation processing 1 with a function such as a speed calculation part 2 and a detailed calculation execution judgment part 4. The speed of each air craft being indicated by the distance that aircraft travels within one cycle is registered on a speed table 3, where the speed is calculated by the speed calculation part 2 based on the position of each aircraft for every monitor cycle. The detailed calculation execution judgment part 4 obtains the sum of the scalar value of the speed of a specified aircraft and another according to the speed table 3, a detailed distance execution judgment table 5 is referred to, and subtraction is made from a set distance judgment value being set by a specific method in advance for updating. As a result, only for the combination of the aircraft where a prescribed value becomes 0 or lass, an approach estimation detail calculation part 6 performs a detailed distance calculation such as on the distance of an estimation position.
(57)【要約】 【課題】 接近予測を実時間処理することができる移動 体の接近予測方法を実現する。 【解決手段】 監視対象となる移動体毎に、その移動体 と他の全ての移動体との距離を監視周期毎に計算してお き、監視周期毎に相互の速度(スカラー値)の和をあらか じめ計算しておいた距離から減算し、その結果が規定値 を下回った場合にのみ詳細な接近予測計算を行うので、 実時間処理することができる。




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