Photodetector for doorway



(57)【要約】 【課題】ドアウエイ上の物体を、ドアの端部に配置した 投光器と受光器間に発生させた光線の遮光の有無によっ て、確実に検出することができるドアウエイの光電検出 装置を提供する。 【解決手段】この光電検出装置は、光線を発生させ投光 する投光器1と、投光器1に対向して配置され光線を受 光する受光器2とを有し、投光器1と受光器2がドアの 両側端或はドアの側端と固定部に対向して設置され、受 光器2における光線の受光と遮光の状態に基づき、ドア ウエイ上の物体を検出するドアウエイの光電検出装置で ある。ドアの開閉動作時に光電検出動作を行なわれた場 合、投光器1と受光器2間の距離は大きく変化するが、 受光信号を増幅する増幅率可変増幅器22の増幅率は、 CPU21によって受光器の受光量に基づき制御され る。このため、受光器2の受光素子の飽和や増幅率可変 増幅器22の飽和を防止して、ドアが閉じる際のドアウ エイ上の小物体を確実に検出することができる。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a photodetector for a doorway, surely capable of detecting an object on the doorway by the presence of the shade of a beam of light to be generated in a space between a light projector and a receiver set up in door ends each. SOLUTION: This doorway photodetector has a light projector 1 generating a beam of light and projecting it, and a light receiver 2 being opposedly set up to the light projector 1 and receiving the light, and the projector 1 and receiver 2 opposedly set up to both side ends of a door or a side end and a fixed part of the door, through which detects an object on the doorway on the basis of light receiving and shading conditions of the light receiver 2. In the case where photoelectric operations are carried out in time of on-off operations of the door, a distance between the projector 1 and receiver 2 is largely varied, but the amplification factor of a factor variable amplifier to amplify a light receiving signal is controlled on the basis of a light receiving quantity of the light receiver by a central processing unit. Therefore, any possible saturation in a light receiving element of the light receiver 2 and in the factor variable amplifier is prevented from occurring, thereby any small object on the doorway at the time of closing the door can surely be detected.




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