Padding for clothes



(57)【要約】 【課題】 着用感と乳房カップ保形性に優れ、形状回復 性に優れ、軽量で、かつ、洗濯耐久性などの実用性に優 れる。 【解決手段】 曲げ弾性率または引張り弾性率が 3.7GP a 以上、かつ、引張り伸びが 8%以上の特性を有する合 成樹脂材料を成形してなる。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a light padding for clothes, having a soft wearing feeling and properties for keeping the shapes of breast cups by a proper stiffness, and excellent in shape recovery and washability by molding a synthetic resin material having each prescribed flexural modulus or the like, and tensile elongation. SOLUTION: This padding for clothes is obtained by molding a synthetic resin material consisting of a single resin or a resin composition, of resins having characteristics such as >=3.7 GPa flexural or tensile modulus and >=8% tensile elongation, and selected from an aromatic polyether-ether-ketone resin, a linear polyphenylene sulfide resin, a polyamide-imide resin and a polyether- nitrile resin. The single synthetic resin unit or the resin composition is preferably the linear polyphenylene sulfide resin having >=600 Pa.s melt viscosity at 310 deg.C at 103/s shear rate, or the resin composition thereof.




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