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帳 票


(57)【要約】 【課題】隠蔽すべき箇所に対応させた状態を維持しなが らラベルの貼付が行え、返信用葉書の記入領域を狭くし ないようにし、情報の隠蔽が容易にして確実に、さらに は返信用葉書への隠蔽情報領域を広く確保する。 【解決手段】返信用葉書11に、剥離可能な接着手段を 裏面に有したラベル2とラベル2の接着手段を剥離可能 に覆う剥離紙3とからなる隠蔽用ラベルシート1を、返 信用葉書11の情報記載部12に前記ラベル2が対応す るようにして重ね合せ、隠蔽用ラベルシート1は、剥離 紙3の少なくとも一辺側をラベル2より側方に延設して なる延長部5を有して、該延長部5が返信用葉書11の 領域外に接着され、かつ、延長部5にスリット6にてめ くり上げ片7が切り込み形成されて、めくり上げ片7の スリット6をラベル2下の剥離紙3に延設してめくり上 げ片7の引き起こしによりラベル2を引き起こし可能に 設け、剥離紙3における延長部5とは反対側の一辺側に 沿ってスリット8を剥離紙3に切り込んだ。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To affix a label while maintaining a state wherein the label is made to correspond to an area to be concealed, prevent the filling region of a postcard for answering from becoming narrower, facilitate and make sure the concealing of information, and in addition, ensure a wider concealed information region for the postcard for answering. SOLUTION: On a postcard for answering, a label sheet 1 for concealing comprising a label 2 which has a peelable bonding means on the rear face, and a release paper 3 which peelably covers the bonding means of the label 2, is superposed in such a manner that the label 2 may correspond with the information listing part of the postcard for answering, and the label sheet 1 for concealing has an extended part 5 for which at least one edge side of the release paper 3 is extended sideways from the label 2, and the extended part 5 is bonded to an area other than the region of the postcard for answering, and also, on the extended part 5, a picking-up piece 7 is cut- formed by a slit 6, and by extending the slit 6 of the picking-up piece 7 on the release paper 3 under the label 2, the label 2 is provided in a manner to be erectable by pulling by a pulling up of the picking-up piece 7, and along one edge side which is opposite from the extended part 5 on the release paper 3, a slit 8 is cut on the release paper 3.




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