Tooth-form stator and method and device for assembling its coil



(57)【要約】 【課題】 各コイル端部の結線作業を不要にし、コイル の膨らみを抑えること。 【解決手段】 シャフトにボビン2を装着し、そのシャ フト上の各ボビン2に線材1aを連続的に巻回し、互い に渡り線1aによって連結された複数のコイル1を順次 形成し、シャフト上の各コイル1を順次取り外すと共 に、その取り外したコイルをそのまま歯形状固定子10 Aの所望の歯部11に挿入するようにしたので、コイル の組付け時には、各相に引き出されている2本のリード 1bのうち、一本のリード線1bのみを結束線1cによ り互いに接続するだけで済み、その結束線1cと各相の 他方のリード線1bをそれぞれ引き出すだけでよいこと となり、接続工数を大幅に低減することができる。これ は、特に本例の如く、一相のコイル2が歯形状固定子1 0Aの周囲に沿い他の相のコイル2と交互に配置されて いる三相コイル構造の場合には、特に有益となる。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To make the connecting work of the end section of each coil and to suppress the swelling of the coils. SOLUTION: Since the assembling work of the coils of a tooth-form stator 10A is carried out in such a way that bobbins 2 are put on a shaft and a plurality of coils 1 connected to each other through crossover tracks is successively formed by continuously winding a wire 1a around the bobbins 2 on the shaft, and then, each coil 1 on the shaft is successively removed and, at the same time, each removed coil 1 is successively put on desired tooth sections 11 of the stator as it is, the coil of the stator can be assembled by only connecting one lead wires 1b of two lead wires 1b led out in each phase to each other by means of a stranded wire 1c and leading out the stranded wire 1c and the other lead wire 1b in each phase. Therefore, the connecting man-hour of the coils can be reduced remarkably. This method becomes particularly beneficial in the case of a three-phase coil structure in which the coil 2 of one phase is alternately arranged with the coil 2 of another phase along the circumference of the stator 10A.




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