Multiple dwelling housing monitoring and call system



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To limit dwelling units, to which a call can be made and to manage a large multiple dwelling housing with one alarm monitoring panel by associating the dwelling unit number of each dwelling unit with residence information panel address of the dwelling unit to store them and associating the address of a lobby interphone with the group number of the dwelling unit to which a call can be made to store them. SOLUTION: If a dwelling unit number includes a building number, when a host CPU 10 of an alarm monitoring panel 1 receives a calling signal from a lobby interphone 2, a building number table stored in an S-RAM 18 is referred to, and when it is stored, its address is designated and a residence information panel 3 is called out. In the other cases, a call impossible signal is returned to the interphone 2 of a calling source. The interphone 2 receiving it shows that calling cannot be made with an interphone circuit part 22 and outputs an alarm tone and a voice message from a loudspeaker SP 2.
(57)【要約】 【課題】各ロビーインターホンから呼び出しできる住戸 を限定し、また、1台の警報監視盤で、大規模な集合住 宅の管理が出来るようにする。 【解決手段】警報監視盤1は、各住戸の住戸番号と、そ の住戸の住宅情報盤3のアドレスとを対応させて記憶す るとともに、ロビーインターホン2のアドレスと、その ロビーインターホン2から呼出可能な住戸のグループ番 号とを対応させて記憶した記憶手段17,18を備え る。




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