General frame, and civil engineering construction method using the same



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a general frame for revetment work in which a river bed part, a slope face, and a top end can be protected in accordance with situations using support bases and beam members of the same sort, in which subsequent ground irregularities can be coped with, in which sediment generated at a site can be effectively utilized, and in which timbers can be used as the beam members at a part less likely to be inundated. SOLUTION: This general frame comprises plural support bases 9 each comprising beam member support bodies 3 (3a, 3b) having horizontal or vertical engagement surfaces extended from at least two side surfaces of a square pole 2 extended from an upper surface of a base seat 1, and plural beam members provided with cuts at both ends and having engagement parts to be engaged with the beam member support bodies 3. The general frames having bolt holes 10 for engagement of the beam member support body 3 with the beam member bored in the engagement parts of the beam member support bodies 3 and the beam members are connected to each other to form a frame body, and sediment discharged from a site is filled in the frame body.
(57)【要約】 【課題】 同種の支持台と梁材を使用して、状況に応じ て河床部も法面も天端も保護することができ、後発的な 地盤の凹凸にも対応でき、現地で発生した土砂も有効に 利用でき、冠水の可能性の小さい部位では梁材として木 材を使用することができる護岸工事用汎用枠を提供す る。 【解決手段】 台座の上面から延出する四角柱の少なく とも2方の側面から、水平又は垂直な係合面を有する梁 材支持体が延出している複数の支持台と、両端に切欠き を設けて上記梁材支持体と係合する係合部を有する複数 の梁材とからなり、上記梁材支持体と上記梁材とを係合 させるためのボルト孔が梁材支持体及び梁材の係合部に 穿設されている汎用枠を連結して枠体を形成し、該枠体 内に、現場から排出した土砂を充填する。




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