Improvements in or relating to a device for assisting in the removal of pneumatic tyres from wheels


999,041. Removing tyres from wheel rims. DUNLOP RUBBER CO. Ltd. Dec. 22, 1961 [Jan. 4, 1961], No. 292/61. Heading B7C. A device for moving a tyre bead, or detachable rim flange 21, axially inwardly of a rim base 19 for removal of the locking ring 22, comprises a bar 3 clampable diametrically across the rim so that the flange 9 of a slipper plate 7 slotted on one end of the bar rests on the tyre bead or detachable rim flange, the slipper plate being acted on by a cam disc 2, which is rotatable on the bar, to effect the desired bead breaking on 180 degrees rotation of the cam, by a lever 6 fixed to the cam. As shown, the cam has a flat 5 at its lift peak to latch the cam in its lift position. The bar 3 carries at its other end a slide block 11 having spaced bolts 12 therethrough to bear on the wheel disc, and towards the cam end a clamp bracket 13 is longitudinally and transversely adjustable on the bar so that a hook 15 carried directly on the bracket, Fig. 3, or a hook 25 carried by a chain 24 on the bracket, Fig. 5, can be anchored in an appropriate securing hole of the wheel disc. In alternative constructions, the cam disc 2 may be sandwiched between a pair of slipper plates, and the bar 3 may be mounted for rotation about the wheel axis to facilitate displacement of the cam around the tyre bead or rim flange for successive operations thereon. In a further arrangement, the cam may be a face cam, rotatable about an axis parallel to the wheel axis.




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