Process for the preparation of aldehydes and ketones


Aldehydes and ketones are prepared by reacting a compound of the formula <FORM:0998525/C2/1> where X represents a halogen atom, a tosyl group or a group of the formula -OSO2Cl, -OSO2R11 or -OSOR11, R represents a hydrogen atom or an alkyl group, R1 represents an alkyl, alkenyl, or alkenyl or substituted or unsubstituted aryl group or R and R1 may be joined to form a cycloalkyl ring, and R11 represents an alkyl or aralkyl group, with anhydrous trimethylamine oxide. The molar ratio of trimethylamine oxide to the compound of the formula I may be from 1:1 to 4:1 and the reaction may be carried out in solution in an organic solvent at from room temperature to the boiling point of the solvent. Trimethylamine oxide is prepared by distilling off water from trimethylamine oxide hydrate in dry dimathylformamide solution and removing the solvent under reduced pressure.




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