Three-phase voltage regulator


998,138. Automatic voltage regulation. HIROSHI KOBAYASHI, and E.MIYAZAWA. Feb. 23, 1962 [March 1, 1961], No. 7214/62. Heading G3X. A 3 phase inherent voltage regulating circuit comprises an iron coned linear reactor 1-3 in each phase conductor, and three saturable reactors 4-6 each having a primory winding 4a-6a in parallel with a capacitor 7-9 forming a circuit resonant at the supply frequency connected in star to taps on the linear reactors. A secondary winding 4b-6b connected in delta eliminates 3rd harmonic currents, or alternatively the primary windings may be connected in delta. A number of connecting arrangements are given in the Specification including same which give voltage transformation.




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