An oil burner head comprising an air distributor


996,781. Oil burner heads. SUN-RAY BURNER MFG. CORPORATION. June 28, 1963 [Aug. 28, 1962], No. 25859/63. Heading F4T. An oil burner head comprises a longitudinal oil pipe 24 with an atomizing nozzle 12 and a frusto-conical air distributer 10 having elongated triangular vanes struck inwards therefrom, each vane remaining connected to the air distributer 10 by one of its long sides, the smallest angle of each vane being at the front end 8 of the distributer 10. The burner head is supported by a collar 25 on the pipe 24 and by spider arms 26, in a casing 20 along which air is blown. The air distributer 10 is mounted on the oil pipe 24 by means of a member comprising three segments having radial arms 42. The segments are loosely connected together and are clamped round the oil pipe 24 by means of a screw 45. The forward ends of the arms 42 are spot welded to the air distributer 10. An electrical igniter 50 is provided and is fixed to one of the spider arms 26. The front of the casing 20 is wedged into a temperatureresistant ring 21 which extends into a flared bore 22 of a vertical furnace member 23.




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