Improvements in or relating to hoisting equipment at the stern of vessels


995,126. Ships' cranes. BURNESS, CORLETT & PARTNERS Ltd. July 7, 1961 [July 12, 1960], No. 24278/60. Heading B8B. [Also in Division B7] A ship's davit which is specially suited for handling trawls is mounted near the stern in fore-and-aft guides 16 (Fig. 1) which hold it against tilting movement except such as is caused by the change in slope of the guides themselves. The guides include a horizontal portion and an after portion which dips. In the form shown the foot of a davit 12 has rollers 15 running in guides 16 which are curved towards the stern so that the davit takes up the inclination shown in full lines. In this position a portion of the foot 14 rests against a stop 27. The davit is moved in its guides by a connection 25 to an endless rope 22 driven by a winch 23 or, alternatively, self - propelled by hydraulic or electric motors. The guides 16 may slope upwardly sufficiently far to raise the davit to a shelter deck, and may slope downwardly towards their forward end so that its load is automatically lowered at the forward end of its travel. Where the davit is to be used for handling a boat the guide 16 may run down a stern ramp. The guide 16 may be carried by fences 19, as shown in Fig. 2, and a space may be left between the fences 19 and the bulwarks 21 to receive trawl boards 35.




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