Temp.-controlled safety electric stove


  • Inventors: XING ZHENXIANG
  • Assignees: 邢振祥
  • Publication Date: December 12, 1990
  • Publication Number: CN-2067376-U


本实用新型提供了一种安全型封闭式电炉。它由电热丝、底座、导热罩板及电控开关组成,这种电炉结构简单合理,使用安全可靠,安全避免了过去电炉热效率低,电热丝裸露易断,易触电的不安全因素。 根据不同的需要可制成各行业使用的专用电炉,如医用电炉及通用电炉。
The utility model provides a safe closed-type electric stove, composed of an electric heating wire, a base, a heat-conducting cover and an electric-controlled switch. The structure of the electric stove has the advantages of simple reasonableness and safe utilization, avoiding safely the factors of low thermal efficiency, fragile and bare electric heating wire, and easy unsafe electric-shock in the prior electric stove. According to the different demands, the electric stove of the utility model can be manufactured as the special electric stove used in the various industries, for example the medical-application and general-purpose electric stoves.




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