Novel electric water filtering device



本发明提供一种新型电动滤水装置,包括外筒体、滤网,所述外筒体上连通有排污管,滤网设在外筒体内,其中,所述外筒体内设有刷子,所述刷子通过连接装置可转动设置在所述外筒体内,并位于滤网内,子选手本发明能清洗整个滤网表面;清洗时间短、滤网表面不存在死角,整个滤网表面能彻底清洗干净,清除滤网上杂质所耗水量少,压力损失小, 维护简单,运行可靠;本发明在清污、排污过程中,本发明供水不间断;滤网强度大,耐压。
The invention provides a novel electric water filtering device comprising an outer barrel and a filter screen, wherein a drainage pipe is communicated with the outer barrel; the filter screen is arranged in the outer barrel; and a brush is rotatably arranged in the outer barrel through a connecting device and located in the filter screen. The device provided by the invention has the advantages that the whole filter screen surface can be cleaned; the cleaning time is short, no dead angle exists on the surface of the filter screen, the whole filter screen surface can be thoroughly cleaned, the water consumption for removing impurities on the filter screen is little, the pressure loss is little, the maintenance is simple and the operation is reliable; the water supply is uninterrupted in the process of sewage cleaning and draining; and the filter screen is high in strength and resistant to pressure.




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