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US-8492727-B1: Nano-structure arrays for EMR imaging patent, US-8497862-B2: Method and apparatus for processing three dimensional images, and recording medium having a program for processing three dimensional images recorded therein patent, US-8525966-B2: Non-rectangular pixel array and display device having same patent, US-6957145-B2: Methods for determining characteristics of earth formations patent, US-6979707-B2: High-permittivity rubber compounds and power cable members patent, US-7070287-B2: Vehicular mirror system with at least one of power-fold and power-extend functionality patent, US-7492233-B2: Precision modulated controller output patent, US-7519832-B2: System and method of creating secure encrypted digital media files from a base media work for additional defined processing patent, US-7632281-B2: Instrumentation for manipulating artificial intervertebral disc trials having a cylindrical engagement surface patent, US-7722357-B2: Educational pillow case patent, US-7936857-B2: Phase selector for data transmitting device patent, US-8199842-B2: Time-domain transmit and receive processing with channel EIGEN-mode decomposition for MIMO systems patent, US-8335053-B2: Integrated touch-down pad and touch-down sensor patent, US-6846214-B1: Method of manufacturing a spark plug for an internal combustion engine patent, US-7961829-B2: Low jitter clock recovery from a digital baseband data signal transmitted over a wireless medium patent, US-8241123-B2: Video switcher and touch router method for a gaming machine patent, US-8449299-B1: Teaching device and method patent, US-8461186-B2: Use of N-piperidine derivatives for the treatment of neurodegenerative pathologies patent, US-8538252-B2: Camera patent, US-6824533-B2: Wound treatment apparatus patent, US-7404567-B2: Active wheelchair patent, US-7728215-B2: Playback apparatus and playback method patent, US-8007348-B2: Tools and methods for making and using tools, blades and methods of making and using blades, and machines for working on work pieces patent, US-8069137-B2: Methods, systems, and storage mediums for implementing intelligent agent services patent, US-8083401-B2: Connector holder unit, carriage, recording apparatus, and liquid ejecting apparatus patent, US-8267323-B2: Printing device handle patent, US-8555838-B2: Engine with stub shaft supported cam gear and machine using same patent, US-7898904-B2: Implementing a network infrastructure in a seismic acquisition system patent, US-7004880-B2: Wide ratio transmissions with three interconnected planetary gear sets and at least one brake patent, US-7733750-B2: Information recording method for recording multi-value data in optimum recording condition patent, US-8217935-B2: Apparatus and method for ray tracing with block floating point data patent, US-8286156-B2: Methods and apparatus for performing resilient firmware upgrades to a functioning memory patent, US-8524682-B2: Compositions and methods for inhibiting EZH2 patent, US-8095480-B2: System and method to enable training a machine learning network in the presence of weak or absent training exemplars patent, US-7206642-B2: Implantable lead with improved stylet lumen patent, US-8342859-B2: Electronic component patent, US-7848421-B2: Video encoding/decoding method and apparatus for motion compensation prediction patent, US-8022226-B2: Nonsedating α-2 agonists patent, US-8506002-B2: Intuitive control system for power assisted vehicle doors patent, US-7391371-B2: Radio transceiver and method of controlling direction of radio-wave emission patent, US-7587288-B2: Condition discriminating apparatus for liquid reducing agent patent, US-7634728-B2: System and method for providing a runtime environment for active web based document resources patent, US-7965270-B2: Display device including a data generating circuit to divide image data for one frame into a plurality of pieces of sub-field image data patent, US-8398398-B1: Foam pad used with tubular member to vacuum fluids from an oral cavity patent, US-6760531-B1: Optical fiber distribution frame with outside plant enclosure patent, US-8042855-B2: Lateral slide vehicle seat patent, US-8263651-B2: Use of cis-epoxyeicosatrienoic acids and inhibitors of soluble epoxide hydrolase to treat conditions mediated by PBR, CB2, and NK2 receptors patent, US-7537731-B2: Specific binding analysis device patent, US-7858305-B2: Method of combing a nucleic acid patent, US-8270877-B2: Image forming apparatus patent, US-7464041-B2: Health care administration method having quality assurance patent, US-8536895-B2: Configuration of a multi-die integrated circuit patent, US-7089088-B2: Integrated HVACR control and protection system patent, US-7801380-B2: Recording medium having recorded thereon coded information using plus and/or minus rounding of images patent, US-7980863-B1: Printed circuit board flexible interconnect design patent, US-8377486-B2: Cosmetic composition containing an adenium obesum extract, use thereof and method for cosmetic care including the use thereof patent, US-7733968-B2: Evaluation of transmitter performance patent, US-8306371-B2: Method for manufacturing optical nonreciprocal element, and optical nonreciprocal element patent, US-7171496-B2: Data bus width conversion apparatus and data processing apparatus patent, US-8541030-B2: Preparation method of sustained-release microcapsules having initial burst inhibiting property and the microcapsules thereby patent, US-8552567-B2: Semiconductor die assemblies, semiconductor devices including same, and methods of fabrication patent, US-8553453-B2: Phase change memory device patent, US-7497468-B2: Airbag inflation deflection module patent, US-7793172-B2: Controlled reliability in an integrated circuit patent, US-7801054-B2: Methods, systems, and computer program products for implementing network visualization services patent, US-8379592-B2: System and method for coordinating electronic devices in a wireless communications system patent, US-6916308-B2: High pressure injection syringe patent, US-7704248-B2: Ablation device with compression balloon patent, US-7942466-B2: Vehicle side fairing system patent, US-8531017-B2: Semiconductor packages having increased input/output capacity and related methods patent, US-7107199-B2: Method and system for the design of pipelines of processors patent, US-3220848-A: Photographic elements containing hardening agents having ethyleneimino groups patent, US-7639968-B2: Process unit and image forming apparatus patent, US-8159467-B2: Meshed touchscreen pattern patent, US-8418046-B2: Data signal handling circuitry and methods with error analysis capabilities patent, US-8540744-B2: Tissue penetrating surgical device patent, US-8376362-B2: Self-contained dice shaker system patent, US-8523783-B2: Medical instrument patent, US-7893939-B2: Method and apparatus for segmenting an image in order to locate a part thereof patent, US-7314633-B2: Carboxylate-gated-nitroxide (CGN) compounds and compositions and methods of use thereof patent, US-8555639-B2: Power source control unit of electric supercharger patent, US-7920928-B1: Passive fixation for epicardial lead patent, US-6943936-B2: Co-propagating Raman amplifiers patent, US-8359298-B2: Method, system, and program product for managing adapter association for a data graph of data objects patent, US-7079897-B2: Self-calibrating rate-adaptive pacemaker patent, US-7126338-B2: Electromagnetic surveying for hydrocarbon reservoirs patent, US-8507147-B2: Proton exchange membrane and cell comprising such a membrane patent, US-7118413-B2: Quick assembling electrical connection box apparatus and method patent, US-7413471-B2: Integrated connector for powerline network and power supply patent, US-7982066-B2: High protein supplement patent, US-8259881-B2: Interference-weighted communication signal processing systems and methods patent, US-6994729-B2: Cervical disc replacement patent, US-7747974-B1: Method and apparatus for optimizing body bias connections in CMOS circuits using a deep n-well grid structure patent, US-7463927-B1: Self-adaptive system for the automatic detection of discomfort and the automatic generation of SCS therapies for chronic pain control patent, US-8486899-B2: Antioxidant patent, US-7949045-B2: Signal compressing system patent, US-7242111-B2: Automatic sensing power systems and methods patent, US-7742979-B2: System and method for automated commodities transactions including an automatic hedging function patent, US-8376963-B2: Variable stiffness guidewire systems patent, US-7997931-B2: Waterproof electrical connector and system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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